HETAS approved installer in Worcester


HETAS approved stove installers, Firefly Stoves are professional, insured and fully registered. 

HETAS is an official body by government that ensures that it’s installers are professionally trained and that work is carried out in accordance with building regulations.

Our membership can be found here.

Why use a HETAS approved installers?

A HETAS installer will have the skill set to install your stove and chimney liner safely and to a high standard.  An installer will also be able to test and self approve the work, and finally provide you with a HETAS certificate after the work has been completed.

What is a HETAS certificate?

The HETAS certificate is a certificate of compliance, records the work and will be used to notify the Local Authority Building Control Department which is a legal requirement.  This document will also be used to validate your home insurance and be required by solicitors if you sell your home.

Does my stove installation need to be approved?

Yes, failure to notify the local authorities can be an offence depending on where you live resulting in enforcement action being taken against the householders/installers, which could cost anything up to £5000 .

Most importantly this process will ensure that your installation is safe as incorrectly installed stoves and flues can produce dangerous gases i.e. carbon monoxide, smoke and fires.

How do I find/check for a HETAS approved installer?

To find a HETAS approved installer in your area or to check registration you can visit the official website here.